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Integrate your skills with your free time and turnout yourself into a potential. Start to earn money online by choosing work from home . Change the way of thinking and be the part of this change. Join us today and enjoy the simplest freelancing and outsourcing platform. Start earning and be independent socially as well as financially. Click here to discuss more .

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The platform is very easy and provides the simplest way of freelancing and more.


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There is no hidden payout limit. We will pay you directly in your accounts.

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Start work from home. Select from four different available options.

Based on your interest there are four different categories are available . You may join us as Platoon, Hauptmann, Admiral and Patron. See the details in categories section or simply click the image below.

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You plans and We executes.

Join us as Platoon. As a platoon you will be the member of skilled group who are ready to perform tasks based on their interest. You will get money for completing any given project on time.

Are you have lots of work or you wants to hire someone for completing a project, then this is for you. Join us as a Hauptmann and we assure you that you will get the best solution.

Having enough  experience and skills ? Then this is for you, Join us to work on partnership basis under work on our project category.

Thinking about startup? But confused about the process of setting up your own firm or anything else. This option is suitable for you. Join us now and we will short our everything.

What is Our Mission?

We are a startup aimed to transform the society. India is a young country and and our people are skilled too. But due to lack of assistance they are unable to utilizing their full potential. Here we are providing the simplest platform for Indian students and professionals for freelancing works. We assume that young people are skilled army, hence we named them as Platoon. So if anyone join us as a Platoon then this is our mission that we will transform him into Hauptmann, then Admiral and Ultimately as a Patron. Have you know the meaning of Patron?